Molenaar Visuals

Videography. 3D Animation. Infographics.

Molenaar Visuals produces event videos, documentaries, profiles, short films, promotional work and everything in between. Every step of the production process, from concepting and scripting all the way to post-production, is taken care of. Truly versatile: Molenaar Visuals is a creative one-stop-shop.

UCSRN Tournament 2019

An event impression of the 2019 Ring of Fortune UCSRN Tournament. All Dutch university colleges compete against each other in a day filled with sports, art and party!

Jan de Tuinman

A day in the life of Jan de Tuinman. Follow along as Jan does some of his daily chores at Kinderboerderij De Goudse Hofsteden. 

LUC Summer Fieldschool Impression

An Impression of a university summer course led by Peter Houben in the Austrian Alps. Tag along with 20 students as they learn and explore the Jakoberalm.

72H Film - De Vreemde Vogel

Submission for the 72H Film Competition of The Hague. Participants have 72 hours to make a short film from scratch based on a theme, object and line.

Sustainable Livelihoods - Documentary

In 2018 I got to produce a documentary about a university fieldcourse to East Africa. The theme focusses around the ways in which the local population manages to make themselves sustainable livelihoods. 

Remeker Kaas - Short Documentary

A short documentary about the production of biological cheese at the Remeker farm in Lunteren. Watch and listen to Irene van der Voort as she explains all the steps in their production process.

3D Modelling and Animation

Molenaar Visuals produces short (3D) animations. Whether it is a short story, a product showcase or an animated logo – this medium has no limits. Get in touch to explore the possibilities!


Your data is the story, but how do you represent it so that it stands out and is understandable to your audience? By having a strong scientific and artistic background, Molenaar Visuals can create stunning (animated) infographics for your publication.

About me

Hi! My name is Maarten Molenaar and I consider myself a creative do-it-all. Using video, animation, sound and scientific data I love to think of new ways to bring your story to life.

Get in touch with me to brainstorm about your next project!